Copying Sheet Including Charts from Google Spreadsheet to Another Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script

Gists Abstract This report presents a workaround for copying a sheet, including its charts, from Google Spreadsheet “A” to Google Spreadsheet “B” using Google Apps Script. Description In this report, I would like to introduce a workaround for the following goal: Copying a sheet including charts from Google Spreadsheet “A” to Google Spreadsheet “B” using a script. In general, when Sheets API is used, all objects of the Spreadsheet can be copied easily.

Workaround: Correctly Exporting Charts on Google Spreadsheet as Images using Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for correctly exporting the charts on Google Spreadsheet as the images using Google Apps Script. In the current stage, using Google Apps Script, when the charts on Google Spreadsheet are exported as the images, it seems that the exported images are not the same with the original one on Google Spreadsheet. About this, today, I could notice that I had answered for 2 questions. Q1, Q2 And also, I had already been reported this at the issue tracker.

Adding Title of vAxis to Embedded Chart on Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script

Gists When a chart is created by using EmbeddedChartBuilder of Spreadsheet service, the title of vAxis which is put by setOption("vAxis", {title: "y axis"}) doesn’t work. It is considered that this is a bug. Because I have confirmed that this had worked fine. Ref But this specification had been changed. So I would like to introduce the method for adding the title of vAxis when a chart is created using Google Apps Script.

Giving and Retrieving Parameters for Chart at GAS

This sample script is for retrieving parameters from a chart. The chart created by both Google Apps Script and manually operation can be used. Creates Chart When a chart is created, it supposes following parameters. var parameters = { "title": "x axis", "fontName": "Arial", "minValue": 0, "maxValue": 100, "titleTextStyle": { "color": "#c0c0c0", "fontSize": 10, "fontName": "Roboto", "italic": true, "bold": false } }; .

Embedding a Chart to a Cell using Custom Function on Spreadsheet

This sample script embeds a chart to a cell using custom function on Spreadsheet. I think that this method is one of various ideas. Problem When you want to create a chart and embed it to a cell using custom functions, you notice that insertChart() cannot be used. There are some limitations for using custom functions. But insertChart() creates floating charts. So in order to embed a chart to a cell, the function =IMAGE() is suitable for this situation.

Changing Line to Bars for Combo Chart using GAS

Sample data This is a sample data for this sample script. The column B was created by the normal distribution formula, and the column C was created by multiplying random number for column B. A, B, C 1.0, 0.0001, 0.0000 1.5, 0.0009, 0.0006 2.0, 0.0044, 0.0037 2.5, 0.0175, 0.0133 3.0, 0.0540, 0.0236 3.5, 0.1296, 0.0533 4.0, 0.2420, 0.0073 4.5, 0.3522, 0.2468 5.0, 0.3990, 0.0843 5.5, 0.3522, 0.3352 6.0, 0.2420, 0.2201 6.

Making charts at spreadsheet

var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet(); var chart = sheet.newChart() .setChartType(Charts.ChartType.LINE) .asLineChart() .addRange(sheet.getRange('a1:a21')) .addRange(sheet.getRange('b1:b21')) .addRange(sheet.getRange('c1:c21')) .setColors(["green", "red"]) .setBackgroundColor("black") .setPosition(5, 5, 0, 0) .setPointStyle(Charts.PointStyle.MEDIUM) .setOption('useFirstColumnAsDomain', true) .setOption('height', 280) .setOption('width', 480) .setOption('title', 'Sample chart') .setOption('hAxis', { title: 'x axis', minValue: 0, maxValue: 20, titleTextStyle: { color: '#c0c0c0', fontSize: 20, italic: false, bold: false }, textStyle: { color: '#c0c0c0', fontSize: 12, bold: false, italic: false }, baselineColor: '#c0c0c0', gridlines: { color: '#c0c0c0', count: 4 } }) .