About Me

As a Japanese scientist holding a Ph.D. in Physics, I am also a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Google Workspace and a Google Cloud Champion Innovator. I am driven by a deep curiosity to explore the frontiers of physics, which fuels my creative thinking and innovation. Specifically, I have a passion for crafting entirely novel solutions, those that haven’t yet been introduced to the world. This passion for groundbreaking innovation informs my approach to every project I undertake. Interestingly, these new ideas often come to me during sleep, which I then strive to bring to life in the real world. Thankfully, some of these inventions have already found practical applications in diverse fields like the electronic industry, industrial machinery, architecture, and even the aerospace industry.

About Donation

September 26, 2021: From before, I have gotten several contacts about the donation to me. Thank you so much. So, today I could prepare the PayPal.Me. You can donate to me using the following URL.



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