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Trend of google-apps-script Tag on Stackoverflow 2021

Gists Published: January 16, 2021 Kanshi Tanaike Introduction At Stackoverflow, a lot of people post the questions and answers to the questions every day. There are various tags in Stackoverflow. A lot of discussions are performed at each tag. Their discussions bring the important information and are much useful for a lot of people. As one of tags, there is “google-apps-script”. I sometimes discuss at the questions with that tag. When we see the discussions, we can notice that the discussions are changed and progressed by the time, because “Google Apps Script” which is the origin of the tag is updated.

Creating Custom Grid View of Google Slides as Image and Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for creating the custom grid view of Google Slides as an image using Google Apps Script. Demo Usage In order to use this script, please do the following flow. 1. Install GAS library This sample script uses a library of DocsServiceApp. So please install DocsServiceApp. You can see the method for installing it at here. 2. Enable APIs This sample script uses 2 APIs of Drive API and Slides API.

Simple Script of Resumable Upload with Google Drive API for Axios

Gists This is a simple sample script for achieving the resumable upload to Google Drive using Axios. In order to achieve the resumable upload, at first, it is required to retrieve the location, which is the endpoint of upload. The location is included in the response headers. After the location was retrieved, the file can be uploaded to the location URL. In this sample, a text data is uploaded with the resumable upload using a single chunk.