Javascript library - BatchRequest_js

Overview This is a library for running Batch Requests for Google APIs using Javascript. Description When users use Google’s APIs, one quota is used for one API call. When the batch request is used, several APIs can be called by one quota, although there are some limitations in the batch request. google-api-javascript-client can run the batch request. Ref But, I created this for my self study. This library can achieve the batch request using fetch without using google-api-javascript-client.

Using String Values to []googleapi.Field for Golang

Gists This sample script is for using the string values to []googleapi.Field for Golang. The property of fields can often be used to the Google APIs. When such APIs are used by the Go library, there are the cases that fields parameter is required to be used. For example, at the quickstart of Drive API for golang, the value is directly put to Fields() like r, err := srv.Files.List().PageSize(10).Fields("nextPageToken, files(id, name)").