Resumable Upload of Multiple Files with Asynchronous Process for Google Drive

Overview This is a sample script for uploading multiple files with large size (> 50 MB) at the sidebar, dialog of Google Docs and Web Apps using the resumable upload of the asynchronous process with Javascript and Google Apps Script (GAS). Demo This is a demonstration of this script. As a demonstration, it uploads 5 files with the size of 100 MB to own Google Drive. When the files were selected and the upload button is clicked, those are uploaded by the resumable upload with the asynchronous process.

Go Library - go-fetchall

Overview This is a Golang library for running HTTP requests with the asynchronous process. The progress of requests can be also shown. Demo In this demonstration, 5 requests are run by 2 workers. And before each request, the waiting time for 2 seconds is added as a sample. By this, you can easily see the work with 2 workers. Also you can see this script at the following sample script.