Resumable Upload of Multiple Files with Asynchronous Process for Google Drive


This is a sample script for uploading multiple files with large size (> 50 MB) at the sidebar, dialog of Google Docs and Web Apps using the resumable upload of the asynchronous process with Javascript and Google Apps Script (GAS).


This is a demonstration of this script. As a demonstration, it uploads 5 files with the size of 100 MB to own Google Drive. When the files were selected and the upload button is clicked, those are uploaded by the resumable upload with the asynchronous process. It is found that the files can be completely uploaded with the asynchronous process. In this demo, as a test case, the chunk size of 20 MB was used.


Have you ever thought that you want to upload multiple files with large size with the asynchronous process from local PC at the sidebar, dialog and Web Apps using GAS? Recently, I have thought it. I have already been published “Resumable Upload for Web Apps using Google Apps Script”. In that post, one file is uploaded. Here, I would like to introduce the sample script for uploading the multiple files with asynchronous process using the sidebar of Google Docs. In this case, this can be also used for the dialog and Web Apps.

If this was useful for you, I’m glad.

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