Javascript library - ResumableUploadForGoogleDrive_js


This is a Javascript library to achieve the resumable upload for Google Drive.


When a file more than 5 MB is uploaded to Google Drive with Drive API, the resumable upload is required to be used. I have already published the sample script for “Resumable Upload for Web Apps using Google Apps Script”. Ref In this case, Web Apps is used. Here, I would like to introduce the script for the resumable upload created by only Javascript. Unfortunately, in the current stage, at google-api-javascript-client, there are no methods for the resumable upload. And, I thought that when this function is created as a Javascript library, it might be useful for users. Also that library is also useful for me. So I created this. If this was useful for your situation, I’m glad.


<script src="resumableupload_js.min.js"></script>

Or, using jsdelivr cdn

<script src=""></script>

You can get this from