Workaround: Putting Multiple Hyperlinks to a Cell using Sheets API

Gists This is a current workaround for putting the multiple hyperlinks to a cell using Sheets API. Description Recently, at Spreadsheet service, the multiple hyperlinks got to be able to be put to a cell. Ref In this case, it can be achieved using RichTextValue. On the other hand, at Sheets API, in the current stage, there are no methods for directly putting the multiple hyperlinks to a cell. And also, such methods have not been added.

Workaround: Correctly Exporting Charts on Google Spreadsheet as Images using Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for correctly exporting the charts on Google Spreadsheet as the images using Google Apps Script. In the current stage, using Google Apps Script, when the charts on Google Spreadsheet are exported as the images, it seems that the exported images are not the same with the original one on Google Spreadsheet. About this, today, I could notice that I had answered for 2 questions. Q1, Q2 And also, I had already been reported this at the issue tracker.