Linking Google Cloud Platform Project to Google Apps Script Project for New IDE

This is the document for linking Google Cloud Platform Project to Google Apps Script Project for New IDE. And also, several sample scripts using Google Apps Script API and Google Photos API are introduced. You can see the detail of this document at

Linking Cloud Platform Project to Google Apps Script Project

Gists Introduction At April 8, 2019, the specification of Google Apps Script Project was changed. You can see this at Google Cloud Platform Projects. The official document says as follows. Warning: Starting on or after April 8, 2019, the Google Cloud Platform Console won’t be able to access the default GCP projects created for new Apps Script projects. Older, existing scripts may have default GCP projects that are still accessible, however.

Backup Project as zip File using Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for backing up a project as a zip file. When you use this script, please install a GAS library of ProjectApp2. You can back up both the standalone script type and the container-bound script type. In this script, the blob of zip file can be retrieved from ProjectApp2. So you can also send it as email without creating a file. var projectId = "### fileId of project ###"; var blob = ProjectApp2.

Add-on - RearrangeScripts

RearrangeScripts was published as an add-on application Recently, I have reported RearrangeScripts for rearranging scripts in a GAS project. At that time, I got messages and mails from many developers. They said that you should publish this as an add-on. So, this was released. Now you can search “RearrangeScripts” as an add-on for Spreadsheet. If this is helpful for you, I’m happy. Add-on GitHub Demo

Rearranging Files in GAS Project (Restricted)

Gists Introduction Recently, I have introduced a GAS library and a CLI tool for rearranging files in GAS project. Those are RearrangeScripts and ggsrun. Because today, I found a new way for rearranging files, I would like to introduce it although there is a restriction. By the recent Google-update, users become able to create folders in GAS project. The new way uses this. At first, please see the demonstration GIF animation.

GAS Library - RearrangeScripts

Overview This is a GAS application for rearranging Google Apps Scripts (GAS) in a project which can be seen at the script editor. Description Have you ever thought about rearranging Google Apps Scripts in a project which can be seen at the script editor? I also have thought about it. Finally, I could find the workaround to do it. And recently, I have given this function to ggsrun which is a CLI tool.

GAS Library - ProjectApp

Overview This is a GAS project library for Google Apps Script (GAS). Description There are Class SpreadsheetApp and Class DocumentApp for operating spreadsheet and document, respectively. But there is no Class for operating GAS project. If there is the Class ProjectApp, GAS project can be directly operated by GAS script. I thought that this will lead to new applications, and created ProjectApp. On the other hand, as a CLI tool for operating GAS project, there has already been ggsrun.

Exporting Project on Google Drive using Golang Quickstart

Gists This is a sample script for exporting a project on Google Drive to local PC using Golang Quickstart. A file with refresh token is saved to the same directory with this script as go-quickstart.json. Before you run this script, please enable Drive API on your Google API console. Points for exporting project In order to export project, both drive.DriveScriptsScope and drive.DriveScope have to be included in the scope. The mimeType for exporting has to be “application/vnd.