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Move Folder including Files and Folders in Google Drive using Google Apps Script

Gists Abstract This script automates moving a folder including files and folders between Google Drives (personal or shared) by recreating the folder structure and transferring files, overcoming limitations for shared drives. Introduction This report addresses a common challenge: efficiently moving folders, including their subfolders and files, between Google Drives, encompassing both personal and shared drives using a script. While Google Drive offers straightforward methods for moving individual files between any drives, directly moving entire folders containing subfolders presents limitations, particularly when shared drives are involved.

Expanding Error Messages for Google Apps Script with Gemini 1.5 Flash

Gitst Abstract This report builds on prior work using Gemini 1.0 Pro to expand Google Apps Script error messages. It highlights how the script’s execution time limit created a bottleneck, but the introduction of Gemini 1.5 Flash eliminates this issue. Introduction After the release of the Gemini API, I previously reported on “Expanding Error Messages of Google Apps Script using Gemini Pro API with Google Apps Script”. Ref In that report, I utilized the Gemini 1.

Updated: GAS Library - GeminiWithFiles

GeminiWithFiles was updated to v1.0.4. v1.0.4 (May 29, 2024) Recently, when model.countToken is used with the uploaded files, I confirmed that an error like You do not have permission to access the File ### or it may not exist. occurred. In order to handle this issue, I modified the library. In order to use the movie files for generateContent, I modified the library. Ref You can see the detail information here https://github.