Creating New Google Docs and Overwriting Existing Google Docs by Text with Node.js without using googleapis

Gists There are 2 sample scripts. Create new Spreadsheet using a text value as CSV data. Overwrite the existing Google Document using a text value. When you use these script, please enable Drive API and retrieve your access token. Create New Spreadsheet using Text Value const request = require('request'); const textData = "a1, b1, c1, d1, e1"; // This is used as CSV data. const orgMimeType = "text/csv"; const orgFileName = "sample.

Updating Thumbnail of File on Google Drive using Python

Gists This sample script is for updating thumbnail of file on Google Drive using Python. This sample supposes that quickstart is used and default quickstart works fine. In order to use this sample, please carry out as follows. Replace main() of the default quickstart to this sample. Script : import base64 # This is used for this sample. def main(): credentials = get_credentials() http = credentials.