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Enhancing HTML and Javascript Development in Script Editor of Google Apps Script: Overcoming Formatting Challenges

Gists Abstract Despite the improved Google Apps Script IDE launched in April 2022, challenges arise for HTML and Javascript development. The Script Editor’s built-in formatting for these languages proves insufficient, particularly for large Javascript codebases, potentially causing errors. This report proposes a solution to address this formatting issue and streamline development within the Script Editor. Introduction The Google Apps Script Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Script Editor received a significant update on April 13, 2022, transforming it into a more modern and streamlined development experience.

Taking Advantage of Auto-completion of Script Editor for Google Apps Script

Gists Introduction This is a report for taking advantage of the auto-completion of the script editor for Google Apps Script. In the current stage, the auto-completion is implemented in the script editor of Google Apps Script. This auto-completion can be used for not only the built-in classes and methods but also the methods for Javascript. This helps develop scripts and applications very much. In the case of the built-in classes and methods and the methods for Javascript, you can see the detailed specifications of the documents like the official documents and developer.

Retrieving Reformatted Scripts without Comments in a Project using Google Apps Script

Gists Overview This is a sample script for easily retrieving the reformatted scripts without comments in a project using Google Apps Script (GAS). Description When I create GAS script, if the format of script is not correct, the script editor lets me know about it. By this, I can find that the script editor and/or Google Drive checks the format of scripts. I had wished if I could use this function.