Updated gonetatmo to v101

gonetatmo was updated to v.1.0.1 v1.0.1 (August 2, 2019) A bug was removed. When the outer module is not active, an error occurred. In this version, this bug was removed. You can check gonetatmo at

Notifying with email when Netatmo was down

Overview This is a Google Apps Script for notifying with email when Netatmo was down. Description I’m measuring the surrounding environment using Netatmo. There were little that my Netatmo was down so far. But recently, my Netatmo is sometimes down. It is considered that the reason is due to the thermal runaway, because the recent Japan is very hot. When Netatmo was down, users can know it by logging in using the browser and/or running the mobile application.

CLI Tool - gonetatmo

Overview This is a CLI tool to retrieve data from a personal weather station of Netatmo. Description I have a personal weather station of Netatmo. I check the data of my local environment using it. In most case, I have used my browser to retrieve the data so far. About retrieving data using curl, I have created it before. Recently, I thought that I wanted to create this as a CLI too.

Netatmo API Had Been Down 2

Report Netatmo API had been down from Aug. 8, 2017 21:30 JST to Aug. 9, 2017 17:30 JST. Now it’s working. I got an e-mail from Netatmo. They say that the issue was solved.

One Liner Code for Netatmo

I made One Liner Code to retrieve data using Netatmo API. There are 2 ways. One is for windows dos. Another is for unix bash. Requirement tools are curl and jq. windows dos > setlocal & curl -s -d "grant_type=password&client_id='#####'&client_secret='#####'&username='#####'&password='#####'&scope=read_station" "" | for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %a in (`jq -r ".access_token"`) do @set a="%a" | curl -s -d "access_token=%a&device_id='#####'" "" > dat.txt & for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %b in (`jq -r ".