CLI Tool - gonetatmo


This is a CLI tool to retrieve data from a personal weather station of Netatmo.


I have a personal weather station of Netatmo. I check the data of my local environment using it. In most case, I have used my browser to retrieve the data so far. About retrieving data using curl, I have created it before. Recently, I thought that I wanted to create this as a CLI too. So I created this. This tool can retrieve not only the data of own Netatmo, but also the data of specific area using Netatmo APIs. By this, I got to be able to retrieve easily the data of various places. This tool has the following features.

In this demonstration, at first, it retrieves data from own Netatmo. And then, all values in a square area 50 km on a side are retrieved as centering on Tokyo station, and the average values are displayed.

The detail information and how to get this are