Go Library - go-fetchall

Overview This is a Golang library for running HTTP requests with the asynchronous process. The progress of requests can be also shown. Demo In this demonstration, 5 requests are run by 2 workers. And before each request, the waiting time for 2 seconds is added as a sample. By this, you can easily see the work with 2 workers. Also you can see this script at the following sample script.

GAS Library - FetchApp

Overview This is a GAS library for creating and requesting the type of multipart/form-data using Google Apps Script. This library enhances Class UelFetchApp of Google Apps Script. Description In order to fetch data from URL, there is Class UrlFetchApp in Google Apps Script. As the method for fetching, there is the method of fetch(url, params). In the current stage which was released this library, when user want to request with the type of multipart/form-data, the request body is required to be created by the user.