Benchmark: Concurrent Writing to Google Spreadsheet using Form

Gists Published: September 15, 2021 Updated: September 17, 2021 From the discussions, added data by changing the wait time of LockService for Web Apps. Kanshi Tanaike Introduction When the users try to write to a Spreadsheet using a form, the developers have to consider the concurrent submission from the form. For example, when multiple users submit the data with the form simultaneously, all data are possibly not to be saved to the Spreadsheet.

Updated: GAS Library - BatchRequest

BatchRequest was updated to v1.1.0. v1.1.0 (June 10, 2020) New method of EDo() was added. This method is the enhanced Do() method. When this method is used, the result values from the batch requests are parsed. And also, the number of requests more than 100 can be used. In this case, the split of the number of requests is processed for the limitation of 100. You can check this at https://github.

GAS Library - BatchRequest

Overview This is a library for running Batch Requests using Google Apps Script (GAS). Description When users use Google’s APIs, one quota is used for one API call. When the batch request is used, several APIs can be called by one quota, although there are some limitations in the batch request. For example, in GAS, Drive API can be used be DriveApp. In this case, the quota is not used for using Drive API.

GAS Library - RunAll

Overview This is a library for running the concurrent processing using only native Google Apps Script (GAS). Description Have you ever thought about the concurrent processing using only native Google Apps Script (GAS)? So far, I had run the concurrent processing using golang, javascript and python. But the script cannot be used by the trigger event, because these are not native GAS. Recently, it was found that the fetchAll method added by the Google’s update at January 19, 2018 is worked by the asynchronous processing.