GAS Library - BatchRequest


This is a library for running Batch Requests using Google Apps Script (GAS).


When users use Google’s APIs, one quota is used for one API call. When the batch request is used, several APIs can be called by one quota, although there are some limitations in the batch request. For example, in GAS, Drive API can be used be DriveApp. In this case, the quota is not used for using Drive API. (When Drive of Advanced Google Services is used, the quota is used.) But this is Drive API v2. If users want to use Drive API v3, it is required to directly request each endpoint of Drive API v3. The batch request is much useful for this situation. However, it is a bit difficult for users to use the batch request. Because the batch request is requested by multipart/mixed. I thought that the script may become a bit complicated, because of the request of multipart/mixed using UrlFetchApp. And although I had been looking for the libraries for the batch request, I couldn’t find them. So I created this.

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