Processing Duplicated Rows of 2 Dimensional Arrays using Google Apps Script

Gists Overview These are sample scripts for processing the duplicated rows of 2 dimensional arrays using Google Apps Script. Description When I use Google Spreadsheet and/or see Stackoverflow, I sometimes see the situation which is required to process the duplicated rows of 2 dimensional arrays. I thought that when the sample scripts for it have already prepared, they will be useful for other users including me. So I published this post.

Upload Files to Google Drive using Javascript

Gists News At October 11, 2019, I published a Javascript library to to run the resumable upload for Google Drive. When this is used, the large file can be uploaded. You can also use this js library. Description This is a sample script for uploading files to Google Drive using Javascript. The files are uploaded by Drive API v3. can create an empty file on Google Drive. But it cannot directly upload files including contents.

Changing Values by Checking Duplicated Values of JSON for Javascript

Gists This sample script is for changing values by checking duplicated values of JSON for Javascript. Please see the following script. There is an array with a JSON data with 3 keys and 3 values. It is found that the values for each element duplicate. These duplicated values are changing by adding numbers. I use this for managing filenames. This script also can be used for Google Apps Script. If this was useful for you, I'm glad.