Remove ImportError of Module for Sublime Text

Gists When I launched Sublime Text, I noticed that the error occurred. The error is as follows. ImportError: No module named 'yaml' I confirmed that this error occurs when the plugin of Material Theme is read. And the error started to occur after Material Theme was updated, recently. In this report, I would like to introduce the method for removing this error. The flow is as follows. Download a file including library for yaml (PyYAML) from https://pypi.

Sublime Text Plugin - gislacks

Overview This is a plugin of Sublime Text 3 for submitting files to both Gist and Slack. Description I like to use Sublime Text for developing scripts. And when I discuss about developing scripts, I often use Slack. When I submitted a script to Slack, I had saved the script to Gist as a backup. I had done manually this on my browser. Namely, I wanted to be saving the revision of script while I’m discussing about the script at Slack.

Reopening Current File as a File with New Name at Sublime

This is for Sublime Text. This sample is for reopening current file as a file with new file name. The current file is closed when reopening a new file. newfilename = "new file name" contents = self.view.substr(sublime.Region(0, self.view.size())) window = self.view.window() window.run_command('close_file') view = window.new_file() view.set_name(newfilename) view.settings().set("auto_indent", False) view.run_command("insert", {"characters": contents}) view.set_scratch(True) view.run_command("prompt_save_as") Flow of this sample Copy all text on current file to memory (contents). Close current file. Create new file with new file name.

Changing File Name and Reopening Renamed File by Sublime Text

This sample is for changing file name and reopening the file with new name. The flow is as follows. A file ( is opened. Rename the file from to The opened file is replace to the file with new name. os.rename(oldfilewithpath, newname) view = self.view.window().find_open_file(oldfilewithpath) if view: view.retarget(newname)