Report: Rule of Item IDs for Questions of Google Forms

Gists This is a report related to the rule of item IDs for questions of Google Forms. When the questions are created using the method of batchUpdate with Google Forms API, the created questions have the item IDs when the item IDs are not given in the request body. ( ) For example, when you want to create a question and update the created question in one API call, it is required to include the custom item ID in the request body.

Bug of Create Method of Google Forms API was Removed

Gists When I tested Google Forms API, I noticed that when a new Google Form is created by the method of forms.create, there is not title of the created Google Form. So, I have reported this to Google issue tracker. Ref Today, I confirmed that this bug has been removed. And, when I saw the official document, I noticed that the following document has been added. Ref In the current stage, when the following curl command is used, a new Google Form with the file title of sampleFormTitle and the form title of sampletitle can be created.

GitHub: Google Forms API Apps Script Web app

The sample scripts for using Google Forms API have been published by cschalk-goog. The scripts include the method for basically requesting to Forms API. This information will be very useful for a lot of users.

Using Google Forms API with Google Apps Script

Gists On October 12, 2021, Google Forms API had been announced. Ref On December 7, 2021, Google Forms API had been released as open beta. Ref In the current stage, when the users join the Early Adopter Program, they can use Google Forms API of the beta version. Ref By using Google Forms API, what Google Forms service cannot achieve got to be able to be achieved by Google Forms API.