Google Cloud Champion Innovators

Google Cloud Innovators Regardless if you use Cloud to build, modernize, train, teach, or even for fun - in our eyes you are an Innovator. The Innovators program is here to accelerate your learning and growth on Google Cloud, and to recognize you for the contributions you make to the broader Cloud community. Champions We recognize all these individuals for being at the top of their game technically - and

About Donation

From before, I have gotten several contacts about the donation to me. Thank you so much. So, today I could prepare the PayPal.Me. You can donate to me using the following URL.

Contact form on this blog

Now, I confirmed that the contact form on this blog was required to be reauthorized. By this, I reauthorized it and confirm that the contact form can be used now.


This is a first post. Today this blog was launched. I would like to introduce some of my experimental results. I’m Japanese. So I’ll use both English and Japanese here. Thank you.