Updated: GAS Library - BatchRequest

BatchRequest was updated to v1.1.0. v1.1.0 (June 10, 2020) New method of EDo() was added. This method is the enhanced Do() method. When this method is used, the result values from the batch requests are parsed. And also, the number of requests more than 100 can be used. In this case, the split of the number of requests is processed for the limitation of 100. You can check this at https://github.

Batching Requests for Google Apps Script

Gists There is the bathing requests in the Google APIs. The bathing requests can use the several API calls as a single HTTP request. By using this, for example, users can modify filenames of a lot of files on Google Drive. But there are limitations for the number of API calls which can process in one batch request. For example, Drive API can be used the maximum of 100 calls in one batch request.