GAS Library - GmailToList

Overview This is a library for exporting all messages of Gmail as a list using Google Apps Script (GAS). Description Recently, I have had a situation it had been required to backup all messages in own Gmail. In order to achieve this, I created a simple script. After I created it, I thought that when such situation might occur for other users and the script is published as a library, they might be useful.

Backup Project as zip File using Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for backing up a project as a zip file. When you use this script, please install a GAS library of ProjectApp2. You can back up both the standalone script type and the container-bound script type. In this script, the blob of zip file can be retrieved from ProjectApp2. So you can also send it as email without creating a file. var projectId = "### fileId of project ###"; var blob = ProjectApp2.