GAS Library - GoogleApiApp


This is a Google Apps Script library for supporting to use Google APIs with Google Apps Script.


There are numerous powerful Google APIs available today. Google Apps Script streamlines interacting with these APIs through a simplified authorization process. Additionally, advanced Google services integrate seamlessly with Apps Script, making Google APIs highly advantageous for users.

However, utilizing APIs beyond advanced Google services can be challenging for some users. Developing a simpler method for using various Google APIs would significantly increase their accessibility and empower a broader range of users to create diverse applications.

To address this challenge, I recently created a Google Apps Script library called GoogleApiApp that simplifies the process of using various Google APIs.

This library offers the following functionalities:

  • Simplified API Calls: When a valid access token is present, users can directly interact with various Google APIs through Apps Script. This requires providing the API name, the desired method, and the necessary values.
  • Automatic Pagination: For APIs that utilize pagination through a pageToken, this library automatically retrieves all available items by handling the pageToken internally.

Library’s project key


You can see the detail information here