GAS Library - TriggerApp


This is a Google Apps Script library for efficiently managing the time-driven triggers for executing Google Apps Script using Google Apps Script.


Google Apps Script can execute with not only the manual operation but also several triggers. The time-driven trigger is one of them, and this is one of a lot of important functions. When the time-driven trigger is used, Google Apps Script can be automatically executed at the time you set without launching the user’s PC.

There are various situations for using time-driven triggers. And, I thought that when I created each script for each situation, the script might tend to be complicated. Ref and Ref Actually, when I prepared the scripts for each situation in my work, I thought that each script was largely different. I have wished a logic for integrating time-driven triggers for Google Apps Script were existing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the algorithm for efficiently managing the time-driven triggers for various situations before.

Fortunately, a while ago, I came up with an algorithm using one object. I think that the basic algorithm has been used for a very long time. But, I couldn’t find the logic for adapting to various situations using one object. Because, when I started developing a script using this logic, I thought that the script will be much more complicated. Through this, I created this library.

However, I’m worried that the library using this algorithm can be actually used for various situations. So, I have tested various situations with my actual work using this library by taking time. From this test, it was found that it is very useful. So, I would like to publish this library because I believe that this will be useful for a lot of users. This library can efficiently manage time-driven triggers for executing Google Apps Script in various situations with a simple script. If this is useful for your situation, I’m glad.

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