Updated ggsrun to v152

ggsrun was updated to v.1.5.2

  • v1.5.2 (November 4, 2018)
    1. About downloading folders, when files are downloaded from a folder, you can download Google Docs files with the mimeType you want. For example, when you download files from the folder, if -e txt is used, Google Docs are downloaded as the text file. When -e pdf is used, they are downloaded as the PDF file. Of course, there are mimeType which cannot be converted.
      • $ ggsrun d -f [folderName] -e txt -j
    2. About uploading files, when files are uploaded from your local PC, the files got to be able to be converted to Google Docs. For this, new option of --convertto, -c is added. For example, when a text file is uploaded, if you use -c doc, the text file is uploaded as Google Document.
      • $ ggsrun u -f [fileName] -c doc -j

You can check ggsrun at https://github.com/tanaikech/ggsrun.