Updated ggsrun to v141

ggsrun was updated to v.1.4.1

  • v1.4.1 (February 9, 2018)
    1. For uploading, the resumable-upload method was added.
      • The resumable-upload method is automatically used by the size of file.
        • “multipart/form-data” can upload files with the size less than 5 MB.
        • “resumable-upload” can upload files with the size more than 5 MB.
      • The chunk for resumable-upload is 100 MB as the default.
        • Users can also give this chunk size using an option.
      • $ ggsrun u -f filename -chunk 10
        • This means that a file with filename is uploaded by each chunk of 10 MB.

You can read “How to install” at here.