Importing Microsoft Excel to Google Spreadsheet using Custom Function with Google Apps Script

Gists This is a sample script for importing Microsoft Excel (XLSX) data to Google Spreadsheet using a custom function with Google Apps Script. Usage 1. Install SheetJS library. Please copy the script of the SheetJS library from https://cdn.sheetjs.com/xlsx-latest/package/dist/xlsx.full.min.js, and paste the script to the script editor of Google Spreadsheet, and save the script. In this case, I would like to recommend the following flow. Add a new script to the script editor.

Directly Retrieving Values from XLSX data using SheetJS with Google Apps Script

Gists Updated on July 8, 2023 In the current stage, unfortunately, the built-in methods of Google Apps Script cannot directly retrieve the values from the XLSX data. From this situation, I have created DocsServiceApp. When this Google Apps Script library is used, the values are directly retrieved from XLSX data by parsing XML data of XLSX data. Here, as another approach, I would like to introduce a sample script for directly retrieving the values from XLSX data using SheetJS with Google Apps Script.