Taking Advantage of Manifests by GAS Library

Gists Introduction By recent Google update (Google update at October 24, 2017), various new winds to GAS developers were blown. There is “Manifests” as one of the new winds. “Manifests” makes us manage the project using JSON. Especially, the special scopes which have to use OAuth2 process can be used by only setting them to the Manifests. I think that this is the largest modification. However, when scopes are added to a project using Manifests, users who use the project can use only added scopes.

GAS Library - ManifestsApp

Overview This is a Manifests library for Google Apps Scripts. Description By recent update of Google, Manifests was added to Google Apps Script Project. At the moment I saw the detail, I thought that this Manifests will blow a new wind for a lot of GAS developers. So I created this. This library makes users easily access Manifests using Google Apps Script. If this was useful for you, I’m glad.