GAS Library - ScriptHistoryApp


This is a Google Apps Script library for managing the histories of the Google Apps Script project.


On August 23, 2023, the project history has been implemented in the new IDE of Google Apps Script. Ref and Ref In the current stage, the users can see the history of the previously deployed script version. This is a very important implementation for a lot of developers.

Here, I remember the classic IDE. In the case of the classic IDE, the users had been able to see the previously saved script version regardless of the deployment and just the save of the script. This is not implemented in the new IDE. I would like to expect that this will be implemented in the future update.

In the current stage, when we manually deploy the Google Apps Script project, several processes are required to be done. I think that when this deployment process is run every save, the cost will be high. On the other hand, when this process is trying to be run with “Method: projects.deployments.create” of Google Apps Script API, unfortunately, in the current stage, it seems that the script cannot be deployed as a new version because of the error. I’m not sure whether this is a bug or the current specification.

In such a situation, in order to simply manage the history of the script, I created a Google Apps Script library for achieving this using Google Apps Script API and Web Apps with Google Apps Script. In this report, I would like to introduce this.

Library’s project key


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