GAS Library - UtlApp


This is a Google Apps Script library including useful scripts for supporting to development of applications by Google Apps Script. In the current stage, the 3 categories “For array processing”, “For binary processing”, and “For string processing” are included in this library.


When I create applications using Google Apps Script, there are useful scripts for often use. At that time, I thought that when those scripts can be simply used, they will be useful not only to me but also to other users. From this motivation, I created a Google Apps Script library including those scripts. But, I have been using these useful scripts only in my development before.

I sometimes answer questions related to Google Apps Script at Stackoverflow. From my experience that I have answered those questions, I also added useful scripts, that I believe, in the library. Some of these scripts will be also the direct answer to the questions. If this was useful for your situation, I’m glad.

Policy of this library

The policy of this library is not to use any scopes.

Library’s project key


You can see the detail information here