GAS Library - RichTextAssistant


This is a GAS library for supporting editing RichText in Google Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script.


There is RichTextApp in my published libraries. RichTextApp can be used mainly for converting RichText to Google Documents and vice versa. This library RichTextAssistant will support editing the rich text in Google Spreadsheets using Google Apps Script. Google Spreadsheet can use rich text as the cell value using Google Apps Script. But, I thought that when I created a script for editing the existing rich text in the cell, it might be a bit complicated. Because, for example, in the current stage, when the text of rich text of a cell is changed using a script, all text styles are cleared. In order to add and delete a text for the rich text in a cell, it is required to create a script while the current text style is kept. This is actually complicated. From this situation, when a script for supporting editing the rich text in a cell is published, it will be useful for a lot of users. So, I created it and published it as “RichTextAssistant” of a Google Apps Script library.

Library’s project key


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