Javascript library - HtmlFormObjectParserForGoogleAppsScript_js

Parser for Sending HTML Form Object to Google Apps Script using


This is a Javascript library for sending the HTML form object to Google Apps Script using


HTML form object is parsed by this library, and the object can be sent to Google Apps Script using After the V8 runtime got to be able to be used for Google Apps Script, when the file input tag is included in the HTML form object, the object sent to Google Apps Script using cannot be directly used. Because it seems that the binary file data cannot be parsed when it is sent with Ref In the current stage, as the workaround, the file data is required to be sent to Google Apps Script using after it was converted to the byte array and the base64 data. I think that this might be resolved in the future update. But I thought that as the current workaround, when the parser for converting this is prepared, it might be useful for users, because I saw the several questions which have this issue at Stackoverflow.

This Javascript library was created by updating the sample script at this report as a Javascript library.


<script src="htmlFormObjectParserForGoogleAppsScript_js.min.js"></script>

Or, using jsdelivr cdn

<script src=""></script>

You can see the detail of this at