Converting Range in Google Spreadsheet as Image using Google Apps Script


This is a sample script for converting a range in Google Spreadsheet as an image data using Google Apps Script. Unfortunately, there are no methods for directly converting the range in Google Spreadsheet as an image data in the built-in functions. So in this case, as a workaround, Charts Service is used.

Sample script

const range = "B5:D10";
const [header, ...values] = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet()
const table = Charts.newDataTable();
header.forEach((e) => table.addColumn(Charts.ColumnType.STRING, e));
values.forEach((e) => table.addRow(e));
const blob = Charts.newTableChart()
  .setDimensions(500, 500)
  .setOption("alternatingRowStyle", false)
  • In this sample script, the range of “B5:D10” of the active sheet is converted to an image data which is PNG format.


When above blob is saved as a PNG file, the following result is obtained.