Drive API cannot create Google Apps Script project no longer


Today, I noticed that new Google Apps Script project of the standalone script type cannot be created by the method of Files: create in Drive API. From now, in order to manage the Google Apps Script project, only Google Apps Script API is required to be used. By this, the following issues are brought.

  • When the new standalone GAS project is created in the specific folder by uploading the local script, the following flow is required to be run.
    1. Create new standalone GAS project by Apps Script API.
    2. Put the local script to the created GAS project by updating the project with Apps Script API.
    3. Move the GAS project from the root folder to the specific folder using Drive API.

From now, 3 API calls are required to be used like above. By the way, this had been able to be achieved by one API call of the method of files.create in Drive API before.

By this, now, it was found that the methods of this official document cannot be used.

I’m not sure whether this is the temporal situation.

I request to reactivate this as the future request.