GAS Library - GPhotoApp


This is a GAS library for retrieving and creating the albums and media items using Google Photo API using Google Apps Script (GAS).


In the current stage, Google Photo API is not included in Advanced Google services. But in order to use Google Photo API with Google Apps Script, I created this as a GAS library. So in the current stage, in order to use this library, the following flow is required.

  1. Link Cloud Platform Project to Google Apps Script Project.
  2. Enable Google Photo API at API console
  3. Set the scopes to the manifest file of the Google Apps Script.

When above flow is done, the following functions can be used with this library.

  1. Create new album.
  2. Get album list.
  3. Get media item list.
  4. Get media items.
  5. Upload images to album.

Library’s project key


You can see the detail information here