GAS Library - RichTextApp


This is a GAS library for copying the rich text with the text styles from Google Document to Google Spreadsheet or from Google Spreadsheet to Google Document using Google Apps Script (GAS).


Google Spreadsheet can use the rich text as the cell value. But I thought that it is difficult for me to directly edit the rich text in a cell. So I wanted to copy the rich text, that I edited at the Google Document, to the cell of Google Spreadsheet. But, unfortunately, when the rich text in Google Document is manually copied to a cell in Google Spreadsheet, the text style is removed. By this, only text values are copied. It seemed that this was the current specification. So in order to achieve above, I created this as a library.

This library can do as follows.

  1. Rich text in Google Document can be copied to the cell of Google Spreadsheet with keeping the text style.

  2. Rich text in the cell of Google Spreadsheet can be copied to Google Document with keeping the text style.

Available text styles

In the current stage, the rich text of Google Spreadsheet can use the following text styles. Ref1, Ref2

  • Font family of the text
  • Font size of the text in points
  • Font color of the text
  • bold
  • italic
  • strikethrough
  • underlined

Library’s project key


You can see the detail information here