Google Apps Script Library Database and Search Application


This is for the Google Apps Script Library Database.


Since Google Apps Script was released on August 19th, 2009, it is used by a lot of users. Ref1, Ref2 By this, now there are a lot of useful libraries of Google Apps Script (GAS) in all over the world. But when I want to search a GAS library, I always use Google search engine. Unfortunately, in the current stage, the libraries cannot be directly searched by a database. On January 11th, 2020, a proposal for the database of Google Apps Script Library has been proposed by Andrew Roberts. Ref3 When I have discussing about this with him, I thought that I tried to think of a sample database. So I prepared this.

In the current stage, this is a sample database, yet. I would like to close to a goal for achieving the Google Apps Script Library Database by thinking and discussing.

When this became one of materials for leading the direction for achieving the Google Apps Script Library Database, I’m glad.

Search application

  • You can search the GAS libraries using this database at Search Google Apps Script Libraries.

    • I thought that when GitHub repository is used as the database and the GAS libraries are searched by HTML and Javascript, it might be useful.

You can check this at