Javascript library - syncGoogleScriptRun


This is a Javascript library to use “” with the synchronous process.


When I create Web Apps, add-on using a side bar and dialog, there is the case that I want to use with the synchronous process. As you know, works with the asynchronous process. So in order to use it as the synchronous process, the script is required to be prepared. I also saw several issues for such situation at Stackoverflow and other sites. I thought that when the script for achieving this was prepared as a library, it might be useful for users. So I created this.


<script src="syncGoogleScriptRun.min.js"></script>

Or, using jsdelivr cdn

<script src=""></script>
  • Of course, you can use this by directly copying and paste the script of syncGoogleScriptRun.js to the script editor.

You can get this from