GAS Library - UnzipGs


This is a GAS library for unzipping a Zip file protected by a password using Google Apps Script.


Recently, I had a situation that it is required to unzip a Zip file protected with the password. But unfortunately, in the current stage, the method of Utilities.unzip() cannot unzip such protected files. So when I had been looking for the other workarounds, I found zlib.js. Especially, it’s unzip.min.js. This is created for Javascript. So when I used this using Google Apps Script, it was found that it didn’t work for Google Apps Script. So I prepared a wrapper script for running it with Google Apps Script. And when I created the wrapper script, I thought that under the current stage, if the protected Zip file can be unzipped, this will be useful for other users. So I created this as a GAS library.

You can check this at