GAS Library - GetEditType


GetEditType is a GAS library for retrieving the edit types of the OnEdit event trigger of Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script (GAS).


In the case that the OnEdit event trigger (simple and installable triggers) is used at Spreadsheet, when users manually edited the cell of Spreadsheet, the trigger is fired. At this time, there is the case that I want to know the edit type. For example, I would like to know about the following edit types.

  1. Empty cell was edited
  2. Cell with a value was overwritten by a value.
  3. Value of cell with a value was removed.
  4. Value was added by the copied-down action.
  5. Value of the clipboard was directly pasted to a cell.
  6. Cell was moved.

Above situations will also occur at the multiple cells.

These situations might be modified by Google’s update. So I created this as a library. By this, when the specification was modified by the update, users and I can use the latest specification by updating the library.

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