tarUnarchiver for Google Apps Script


This is a script for extracting files from a tar file using Google Apps Script. This script was created by native Google Apps Script.

The following 3 situations gave me the motivarion for creating this script.

  1. Although I had been looking for the script for extracting files from a tar file from before, I have still not been able to find it.
  2. Unfortunately, there are no methods for extracting the files from the tar file in Google Apps Script. But fortunately, from wiki of tar, I could retrieve the structure information of the tar data. And I can also study by creating this script.
  3. I found this thread at Stackoverflow. By this, I could understand that other users also want the script for extracting files from the tar file.

So I created this.

You can see the detail information here https://github.com/tanaikech/tarUnarchiver-for-Google-Apps-Script