Replacing Text to Image for Google Document using Google Apps Script


This is a sample script for replacing text to image for Google Document using Google Apps Script (GAS). There is a method for replacing text to text at Class Text of DocumentApp. But there are not methods for replacing text to image. So I created this sample script.

Demo :

This sample image was created by k3-studio.

Usage :

replaceTextToImage(body, replaceText, image, width);
  • body : body of document. You can set by DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getBody() and DocumentApp.openById(documentId).getBody().
  • replaceText : string you want to replace.
  • image : blob of image you want to replace.
  • width : Width of replaced image. The aspect ratio is constant. The unit is pixels. If you don’t use this, the original size is used.

Script :

In this sample script, all strings of “sample” in the document are replaced to image with the file ID of imageFileId.

function myFunction() {
  var replaceTextToImage = function(body, searchText, image, width) {
    var next = body.findText(searchText);
    if (!next) return;
    var r = next.getElement();
    var img = r.getParent().asParagraph().insertInlineImage(0, image);
    if (width && typeof width == "number") {
      var w = img.getWidth();
      var h = img.getHeight();
      img.setHeight(width * h / w);
    return next;

  var documentId = "### Document ID ###";
  var replaceText = "sample";
  var imageFileId = "### File ID of image ###";
  var body = DocumentApp.openById(documentId).getBody();
  var image = DriveApp.getFileById(imageFileId).getBlob();
  do {
    var next = replaceTextToImage(body, replaceText, image, 200);
  } while (next);

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