GAS Library - RangeListApp


RangeListApp is a GAS library for retrieving, putting and replacing values for Spreadsheet by a range list with a1Notation using Google Apps Script (GAS).


There is Class RangeList as one of classes for Spreadsheet. There is setValue(value) in Class RangeList as a method. setValue(value) puts value to the cells of range list. Recently, when I used this method, I noticed that the following situations what I want cannot be achieved.

  • Put the different values to each cell of the range list.
  • Retrieve values from each cell of the range list.
  • Replace values of each cell of the range list using regex.
  • Use various sheets to the range list.
  • Put checkbox to each cell of the range list.

Although these might be able to be used by the future update, I created this library, because I wanted to achieve them soon. If this library is also useful for you, I’m glad.

You can check this at