Notifying Comments at Stackoverflow by Email using Google Apps Script

This is a script for sending an email when users got comments at Stackoverflow. I had wished I could get an email when I got a comment at Stackoverflow. Although I investigated about this, it seems that I can get the email every 3 hours. For this situation, I wished I could get it much earlier. I thought that this can be achieved using GAS and Stack Exchange API. So I created this script. The features of this script are as follows.

  1. This script retrieves items in Inbox using Stack Exchange API v2.2 and send an email when new unread items are included in the Inbox. The inbox includes the comments from all sites including Stackoverflow and so on.
  2. Comments from the time that this script is run the last time to the current time that this script is run are retrieved as new comments.
  3. After it installed this script, you can check the comments with the fixed intervals by installing as the time-driven trigger.

Various information can be retrieved using Stack Exchange API. So I would like to create the applications which are useful for SO users in the future.

You can check this at