Retrieving Files with Filename Included Special Characters using Google Apps Script


This sample script is for retrieving files with filename included special characters using Google Apps Script. The files are used on Google Drive.

The files with filename of special characters cannot be retrieved using DriveApp.getFilesByName(). This workaround solved this.

As a query parameter, name contains 'filename with special characters' is used. This contains is very important. name='filename with special characters' cannot retrieve such files. Today, it was found that name contains 'filename with special characters' is the workaround. I have been looking for this workaround for a while. Finally, I found this today. By using this method, filename included umlauts can be also retrieved.

In this sample script, it supposes that there is a file with the filename of “ÄÖÜÇÃÕÑÆŒØÞÁÉÍÓÚÝÀÈÌÒÙÂÊÎÔÛÄËÏÖÜ”.

Script 1 : Use DriveApp

I noticed that DriveApp.searchFiles() can be used for this situation. I think that this is the most simple one.

var files = DriveApp.searchFiles('title contains "ÄÖÜÇÃÕÑÆŒØÞÁÉÍÓÚÝÀÈÌÒÙÂÊÎÔÛÄËÏÖÜ" and trashed=false');
while (files.hasNext()) {
  var file =;
  Logger.log("id=%s, name=%s", file.getId(), file.getName())


If the file of “ÄÖÜÇÃÕÑÆŒØÞÁÉÍÓÚÝÀÈÌÒÙÂÊÎÔÛÄËÏÖÜ” is only one on Google Drive, you can use following simple script.

var file = DriveApp.searchFiles('title contains "ÄÖÜÇÃÕÑÆŒØÞÁÉÍÓÚÝÀÈÌÒÙÂÊÎÔÛÄËÏÖÜ" and trashed=false').next();

Script 2 : Use Advanced Google Services

In order to use this script, please enable Drive API at Advanced Google Services for Script 2 and Drive API at API console for Script 2 and Script 3.

In this case, Drive API is v2.

var params = {
  q: "title contains 'ÄÖÜÇÃÕÑÆŒØÞÁÉÍÓÚÝÀÈÌÒÙÂÊÎÔÛÄËÏÖÜ' and trashed=false",
  fields: "items(id, title)"
var res = Drive.Files.list(params)

Script 3 : Use UrlFetchApp.fetch()

In this case, Drive API is v3.

var url = ",name)&q=name+contains+'" + filename + "' and trashed=false";
var params = {
  method: "GET",
  headers: {"Authorization": "Bearer " + ScriptApp.getOAuthToken()},
  muteHttpExceptions: true
var res = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, params).getContentText();

Result :

 "files": [
   "id": "#####",