Updated: GAS Library - ImgApp

ImgApp was updated to v1.1.0. New method was added.

2. doResize()


This method is for resizing images.


Unfortunately, there are no methods to resize images at Google Apps Script. As a workaround, there is a method that it imports the image in Google Document and resizes the image using setWidth() and setHeight(). But in this method, the resized blob cannot be retrieved. So although I had thought of other workaround, I had not been able to find it. Recently, I accidentally discovered the other workaround doResize(). Since it was found that this workaround can be surely used, I added this to ImgApp.


This is a demonstration for this method. As a sample. at first, the size of source image is retrieved using getSize(). Then, the source image is resized by the inputted width. The play speed is the real time.

This sample image is created by k3-studio.

You can see the detail information here https://github.com/tanaikech/ImgApp